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Rovaniemen Cinema offers you the opportunity to showcase your own movie from the big screen. We are looking for whatever. Student projects, amateur movies, visual experiments, animations, music videos, storytelling or visual poetry, dancing, documentaries. Sky is the limit or maybe not. Optimal length of the movie is max 15 minutes. The movie will be screened at Wiljami before the Monday Movie at 18:45 when the doors open. Wiljami offers a nice close-to-theater-like-setting and we as a non-commercial movie club would love to use this to praise the art of DIY.

Send a link to your movie to our email with a title DIY SHORT MOVIE. Cinema clubbers will curate the short movies and we’ll get back to you if your movie is going live. Be ready to send us a copy of your movie or a link where to download the movie. We reserve all the rights to select the shorts to be screened. Include trigger warnings if needed. We accept only movies that goes with our values – no bullying, racism or any other bs. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us! 


We have succesfully started our MONDAY MOVIE screenings for this fall. 51 lovely people attended to the first movie monday and this feels like a fresh breeze for the town’s cinema scene. Hope to see you all on every monday! If you’d like to help our club tell a friend, co-worker, mom, neighbour, anyone that we exist. Our non-existing budget doesn’t help us with our promoting so we put our faith in you all. 

Uusi Rovaniemi came to visit our first screening and you can read more about this chat from the paper, or this link: LEHTIJUTTU

Rovaniemen Cinema's vice president Susan Seppälä before this fall's first Monday Movie. Photo: Anssi Jokiranta


Rovaniemen Cinema would love to take our part in building a stronger third sector. As a non-profit organization we see the value and challenges of volunteer-based work. We believe in the cliché of together we are stronger and anyone can do great things within community. Our cinema club can be a very easy to access hobby for people from different backgrounds and life situations. Spread the word inside your own organization. We warmly welcome everyone to our screenings and other activities! 

If you would be interested in co-hosting a screening with us, send us email to and let’s plan things together. We would love to bring more diversity to our film selections and help people to find a place where to meet new friends and fall in love with the art of cinema.

rovaniemen cinema ry

aikansa projektori jo vuodesta 1962

Rovaniemen Cinema ry is a non-profit movie club run by volunteers founded in 1962. Cinema people are a diverse group of film lovers and everyone is more than welcome to join!

"If you are in a movie theater, you can look two people down and they are laughing while you are laughing or you can look three people down and they love that song that you love. It is a living proof that you are not alone."


Rovaniemen Cinema ry

Kulttuuritalo Wiljami

Urheilukatu 1

96100 Rovaniemi

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We’ll be happy to respond to your email as soon as possible.

In urgent needs, feel free to call our VP

Susan Seppälä +358 40 845 1786.  


Thanks and see you at the movies! 

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